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  Hip Hop Beats - Instant Download

Get hip Hop Beats right to your in box and download WAVE files or MP3 immediately after ordering with Paypal. Our license is 100% royalty free.

Beatlease.com brings to you the ILLest Hip Hop Beats, RnB Instrumentals and Rap Beats in all the dopest styles. We got East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, Crunk, Gangsta Rap and more!!!!

Download Beats Instantly

As soon as you complete your order you will be taken to a page where you can download your Hip Hop beats.

High Quality Downloads - 24 Bit Audio

All of the hip hop beats that we sell come to you as high quality WAVE files and MP3 files. WAVE files offer you the best in sound quality and enable you to load the beat into your favourite software, DAW, sampler or MPC beat maker.

New to Leasing Beats?

If you've never leased beats before you should read our FAQ page to answer your questions.

What Goes into Making A Beat?

It's not just the sound you use, but knowing HOW to use those sounds in a creative and interesting way. That's where our years of experience come into play.

Customer Service

Got a problem? Need assistance? No problem. Just fire us an email and we'll deal with your needs quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on offering great customer service and a 100% total satisfaction guarantee.

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Welcome to Beatlease.com

At Beatlease.com our aim is to provide inspiring beats at affordable prices. Where else can you find beats of this quality for less than the cost of entry into a club. Our experience gives us the edge over our competition. We record real musicians, play real instruments , engineer AND produce. With access to an elite group of session musicians and the talents of our in house engineers and producers, Beatlease.com gives you more than other beat libraries.

Pre-Cleared Instrumentals

Pre-Cleared Samples

Imagine if you'd just paid ten grand
for an exclusive beat only to discover that the main hook is a sample from an old Motown record. Chances are you'd just wasted your ten grand because it's going to cost a lot more to get clearance to use that sample - if you can at all.

With our beats you don't need to worry about sample clearance. All of the samples used in our beats are 'pre-cleared', this can save you thousands of dollars and stress from costly law suites. How can we do this? Simple, we make our own samples from scratch or pay licensing fees to use those samples. Beatlease.com is owned by Kingpin Studios Inc, the same company that owns www.platinumloops.com and www.siliconbeats.com.

This means we have access to high level production talent and the licensing leverage to use only the best royalty free samples in our beats. How many other beat libraries can offer you that peace of mind?


The Sickest Trap Samples Out There

If you're a beatmaker or producer who prefers to make your own 'home grown' beats from scratch rather than leasing a 'pre-made' beat, you need to be checking out the masters of Trap Sample over at Platinumloops. We've been fuelled by the killer sounds these guys have been producing for around 12 years now and they just keep getting better. If you're serious about your production game, check these cats out.


How to Rap

We figure that if your looking for beats you're either a seasoned rapper or just getting into the art of rapping. Our friends over at PlatinumLoops put together a sick series of articles on how to rap. These articles take you through the basics as well some more advanced rapping techniques.

Click here to learn how to rap son.



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